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Procurement Standards:
For Personal Service Agreements and Purchase of Service Contracts

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The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) issued procurement standards for Personal Service Agreements (PSAs) and Purchase of Service (POS) contracts.  The procurement standards are applicable to all agencies within the executive branch of State government.  The standards are effective upon issue:
February 17, 2009
Each executive branch agency must submit a memo or e-mail to OPM not later than April 1, 2009, stating that the procurement standards have been incorporated into the agency's written procedures for PSAs and POS contracts.  This correspondence should be addressed to:

Robert Dakers
Executive Finance Officer
Office of Finance
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue MS# 55FIN
Hartford, CT 06106

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Effective Date: February 17, 2009      Revised: May 14, 2012
NOTE:  This document is set up for 2-sided printing.
Uniform Chart of Accounts and Electronic Workbook for POS Contracts
  -  April 23, 2014

        Hiring and Contract Guidance, Memo from Secretary Barnes June 13, 2013
      Effective July 1, 2013 
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      Changes to Nondiscrimination Language in Contracts effective October 1, 2011           
Pursuant to Public Act 11-55, the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of Policy and  Policy Management have revised the nondiscrimination language for contracts to add “gender identity or expression” to the protected classes.  The law makes the change effective October 1, 2011.   All contracts executed after October 1 must include the language, as revised, listed below:
           {Adobe icon}   Revised Nondiscrimination Language
      Changes to the PSA Request System effective September 8, 2011
Pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes section 4-216, OPM is required to report PSA requests for outside audit services of state entities to the Auditors of Public Accounts (APA) immediately upon receipt of such request.  The APA then has 15 days to review such a request to determine if the audit services are necessary and whether they could be provided by the APA.   To enable OPM to more expeditiously identify and review such requests, the PSA Request System has been modified to add a new radio button asking:

Does the scope of work for this PSA include auditing services?

This new button can be found immediately under the “PSA Title”.  This button has been added to the four types of PSA Requests (Personal Service Agreement, Waiver PSA Sole Source, Non-Competitive PSA, Amendments PSA).
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Subject:  Personal Service Agreements
Date: May 6, 2011

Important Note:  Posted May 24, 2011

After further consideration of recent changes related to the approval process for Personal Service Agreements (PSAs), State agencies are hereby advised that OPM is reinstituting the normal approval procedures for PSAs.  Henceforth, an agency must request prior approval from OPM in the following situations:

  • When an agency wishes to make a sole source procurement and the PSA has an anticipated cost of more than $20,000 or an anticipated term of more than one year.
  • When the PSA has an anticipated cost of more than $50,000 or an anticipated term of more than one year.

Please submit all such requests for approval using OPM’s online Request Website.

It is no longer required that State agencies submit requests for approval for a PSA when the anticipated cost is $20,000 (or less) and the anticipated term is one year (or less).


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Letter to POS Commissioners from Secretary Robert L. Genuario (PDF, 75KB)
Subject:  Procurement Standards 
Date: February 17, 2009

{TOP of page}  Exceptions

The procurement standards do not apply to the constituent units of higher education.  The constituent units of higher education are the Charter Oak State College, Regional Community Colleges, Connecticut State University System, University of Connecticut, and UCONN Health Center.  The procurement standards do apply to the Department of Higher Education.
Please direct any questions about the procurement standards to Valerie Clark, (860) 418-6313, valerie.clark@ct.gov.

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