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{Top} April 2007
The Office of Finance has developed instructions for State agencies on how to enter and maintain State contracts in Core-CT.
{PowerPoint}   Procurement Contracts Training  (PowerPoint.ppt, 2.83MB)
{Word icon}    Steps for Creating a Contract in Core-CT(Word.doc, 29KB)
{Top} February 2007
At the request of Governor M. Jodi Rell, the Office of Policy and Management initiated an assessment of the Core-CT system.  The results of the assessment conducted by Gartner Consulting are in the Final Report.

{PowerPoint}  Core-CT Assessment Final Report  (PowerPoint.ppt, 3.44MB)

For Further Information, Contact:
Mike Riggott, (860) 418-6464; michael.riggott@ct.gov

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