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According to Section 14 of Bill No. 6651, enacted by the General Assembly during its 2011 session, the Office of Policy and Managementís Information Technology Policy Bureau (Bureau) shall develop, in consultation with the Stateís Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other state agencies, comprehensive plans and guidelines pertaining to the development, implementation and use of the stateís information and telecommunications systems. The Bureau is part of the Office of Finance within the Office of Policy and Management (OPM). 

The mission of the Bureau and its policy and planning activities is to promote technology systems that support the stateís goals of:

         Easily accessible and user-friendly online services and information for all constituents and stakeholders

         Promote the State of Connecticut E-Government initiatives

         Maximize transparency regarding costs, effectiveness and service outcomes within and across state agencies

         Efficient, modern business processes and policies that result in cost-effective delivery of services

         A robust, agile, secure and cost effective IT infrastructure, through greater use of shared services and applications

The activities of the Bureau in carrying out this vision and mission include:

         Assisting the Secretary of OPM with his responsibilities under Section 4d-14 of Connecticut General Statutes, which include:

o    Submitting to the Governor and the General Assembly, annually, an updated strategic plan established under section 4d-7;

         Management of the IT Capital Investment Program including:

o    Processing of all requests for IT Capital Investment funding

o    Tracking of projects and associated financials

o    Reporting of agency investments

         Tracking the progress and status of the State's major expenditures and investments in IT Projects regardless of funding sources:

o    Information Technology Project Portfolio Annual Report - 2014

o    Information Technology Project Portfolio Annual Report - 2015


         Coordinate efforts with OPMís LeanCT process improvement initiative to maximize efficiency initiatives through the use of technology;

         Developing of IT Federal Compliance Policies for HIPAA and other Federal compliance initiatives

         Leading the IT Procurement reform initiatives focused on improving the length of time required for contracting processes and increased opportunities for negotiation

         Developing of governance and polices related to Mobile Workforce (field work) and associated technologies

         Representing the Secretary on the following committees and/or Commissions:

o    Commission for Educational Technology

o    Regulations Modernization Taskforce

o    Information and Telecommunication Systems Executive Steering Committee

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