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Day Kimball Healthcare

Chiller/Cooling Tower Narrative


In order to address a significant shortfall in Day Kimball Hospitalís mechanical system, a new water

cooled chiller and water cooling tower were purchased.  The current chiller plant was constructed 17

years ago, with building additions over the years the chiller plants capacity to reliably serve the

hospitalís needs no longer exists. Hospitals have stringent requirements for environmental control

primarily driven by clinical necessity and infection prevention.  The purchase and installation of a new

chiller lowers the risk of loss of environmental control due to a failure in one of the old chillers.  The

new chiller will be able to provide temperature control to the most critical departments in the hospital,

such as surgery, intensive care and emergency medicine.  The CT Non-Profit Grant also funded the

mechanical, electrical and digital control costs associated with the installation of this equipment.






















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