OPM: Nonprofit Grant Program (NGP)

Nonprofit Grant Program (NGP)


Alert: 11/12/15

We received over 440 applications in response to the Nonprofit Grant Program request for applications (RFA).  Our team has been working very hard to complete the review of every application.  We appreciate your patience as we go through this huge undertaking.  We are conducting our final steps towards reviewing and scoring the applications. We had originally projected making grant award announcements by November 20, 2015.  Given the volume of applications received, however, we now project making these announcements in or prior to early January 2016.   Thank you for your continued understanding.

Questions and answers will be posted by May 27th.  Please note:  A new application with updated formatting and a sample application will also be posted.

3rd Round of the Nonprofit Grant Program Announcement

About the Nonprofit Grant Program

Governor Malloy announced the launch of the state’s first-ever Nonprofit Grant Program in August 2013. The Governor proposed and the Legislature approved funding in the amount of $20M in each year of the FY14/FY15 biennium.

The Governor described the program as a way of helping nonprofit health and human service agencies ensure that their funding goes towards assisting those most in need of their services. "By supporting capital purchases that enhance service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness and addressing health, safety and accessibility issues, nonprofit agencies can focus on what they do best – getting services to those who need them most."

Due to the huge interest in the program, the Governor proposed and the Legislature supported adding an additional $30M in the FY15 biennium, bringing the total over two years to $70M.

The first awards for $20M were issued in FY14. A second round of funding, also for $20M, was issued in January 2015. Both rounds were based on the applications received in October 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Clark @ 860-418-6313.





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