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{Graph 10. Juvenile court districts}


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  1. Arrests in Connecticut
  2. Most common charges
  3. Arrests: Trend analysis
  4. Referrals to juvenile court
  5. Delinquency referrals
  6. FWSN referrals
  1. Referrals by gender, age, race/ethnicity
  2. Referrals: Trend analysis
  3. Referrals by court district
  4. Detention admissions: Trend analysis
  5. Detention admissions by gender, age, race/ethnicity
  1. Juvenile court dispositions
  2. Delinquency flow chart
  3. FWSN flow chart
  4. Probation by gender, age, race/ethnicity
  5. DCF dispositions by gender, age, race/ethnicity

Map of juvenile court districts

  1. Dispositions by court district
  2. Total admissions to CJTS (boys)
  3. Admissions to CJTS (boys) by age, race, ethnicity
  4. Admissions to Pueblo and Journey House (girls)

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