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New Training Opportunity for School Staff

Developed by the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (JJAC) and the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (OPM)



Did you know that a recent national study using 2009/2010 data found that Connecticut:


1)  Had the highest rate in the nation for out-of-school suspensions of Latinos?

2)  Had the 3rd highest gap between the rates of suspensions for Blacks and Whites?

3)  Was one of two states that has already responded to the research on suspensions? 

Find out what the most recent Connecticut disciplinary data

show about your district and what the data mean.


Learn what school personnel at all levels can do to improve

school climate and reduce suspensions and arrests of students.


Become aware of the roles of juvenile justice agencies and

how to build partnerships with police.

Effective School Staff Interactions with Students and Police is a new, innovative training curriculum for middle/high school administrators, teachers & staff.  Those attending will better understand:


         Youth behavior

         Strategies for interacting with students

         The role of law enforcement in school


     Trainings are held from 8 am to 3:00 pm at two locations--the Courtyard by Marriott in Shelton and the Courtyard by Marriott in Cromwell.  To register, please provide the following for each trainee and email to valerie.lamotte@ct.gov.

       1) Requested Training Date;  2) Name;  3) Title;  4) School; 5) Email address.


Fall 2016 Training Dates


Wednesday, October 12 in Shelton

Thursday, November 3 in Shelton

Friday, November 4 in Shelton

Tuesday, November 8 in Cromwell

Thursday, December 1 in Shelton

Friday, December 2 in Cromwell


For more information, click below.

Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Evaluation


Connecticut Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee


Juvenile Justice and Youth Development at the Office of Policy and Management


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