There is no firm date for the next round of STEAP awards however, there may be an announcement early summer 2015. Feel free to check this location for any updates.

Please remember that STEAP is a competitive program and not an entitlement.  Unfortunately, every year the number of worthy applications received far outpaces the amount of funding available.   To that end, there are no guaranteed awards to any project or municipality. 





Our historic, small towns are what make Connecticut Still Revolutionary. Preserving the historical integrity and beauty of our small towns is vital to our economy and quality of life. The Small Town Economic Assistance Program (CGS Section 4-66g) funds economic development, community conservation and quality-of-life capital projects for localities that are ineligible to receive Urban Action (CGS Section 4-66c) bonds.  This program is managed by the Office of Policy and Management, and the grants are administered by various state agencies.

          STEAP Awards will be made on a rolling basis. 
          There are no set dates for award announcements.


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