OPM: Gov Nonprofit 2014 Employment Data WG

Governor's Cabinet on Nonprofit Health and Human Services
2014 Work Group--Membership & Charge
Nonprofit Employment Data Membership
  • Co-Chair--Luis Perez, President & CEO, Mental Health Association of CT
  • Co-Chair--Cheryl Cepelak, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Corrections  
  • Beth Hogan, Project Manager, Connection, Inc.
  • Nicholas Montini, Veteranís Employment Outreach Advocate, Corp. for National Community Service
  • Andrea Barton-Reeves, President & CEO, HARC, Inc.
  • Maureen Price-Boreland, Executive Director, Community Partners in Action
  • Gayle Wintjen, General Counsel & Secretary, Oak Hill
Nonprofit Employment Data - Work Group Charges
1. Work with DOL, OPM and relevant state agencies to collect data on the Purchase of Service and the Judicial Branch CSSD's contracted workforce in the nonprofit sector.
Categories of standard positions:
  • Average number of those employed
  • Weekly average wages
  • Current average wages based on job categories
  • Hourly wages, trends and benefits
  • Skill level gap
  • Rate and reason for turnover of staff
2. Assess and report on a process to develop and implement a statewide data system that captures nonprofit sector workforce needs and trends.
3. Assess the impact of wage/pay equity -- linked to the predominately female workforce employed by nonprofit organizations building on work of Gender Wage Gap Task Force http://www.governor.ct.gov/malloy/lib/malloy/2013.11.19_gender_wage_gap_in_ct.pdf
4. Coordinate linkage between the Cabinet and other venues that relate to the nonprofit workforce including:
  • the State Innovation Model Grant (SIM) and its Workforce Task Force
  • the Veteran's Cabinet
5. Provide recommendations to the Cabinet about the current workforce and areas for future enhancement.

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