OPM: Certified Connecticut Revaluation Employee Guidebook

Certified Connecticut Revaluation Employee Guidebook


The Guidebook is a resource tool for use by candidates for the Connecticut Revaluation Employee Certification Program, as well as, for those already certified under the Program. The Guidebook contains: a question and answer section on the Program; information on certification requirements, examination waivers and temporary certification; outlines of  topics covered under each of the four types of examinations; recommended study materials; applicable sections of state statutes and regulations, and; copies of the several different types of application forms required.

Document Specifications

Format: Adobe PDF File Type: (*.pdf)
Length: 30 pages
File size: 250KB (uncompressed) 
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For Further Information, Please Contact:
David Kalafa: phone (860) 418-6221 - fax (860) 418-6493 - e-mail  david.kalafa@ct.gov 


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