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LoCIP Forms:
{alert}     Updated Reimbursement Form - 07/07/17                               

UPDATED FORM!!! (07/07/17): Please be advised that the LoCIP Reimbursement Request Form has been revised. 


Because grantees are no longer required to submit back-up paperwork (i.e., copies of checks and invoices) with their LoCIP Reimbursement Requests, we must obtain from you the actual date the goods or services were received for expenditures you are seeking reimbursement for.  OPM must have this information to complete its required GAAP report for each fiscal year.  The snapshot below illustrates where you are to provide the required information. 


Effective July 7, 2017 all requests for LoCIP reimbursement must be submitted on the revised form.

{revised form snap shot}
  • LoCIP Project Payment Waiver Request - September 2016 - Pursuant to CGS Sec. 7-536(f): "If a municipality fails to request payment within seven years of OPM’s authorization of a LoCIP project, the secretary shall make no payment for such project unless the municipality requests and receives a waiver for such project on such terms and conditions as the secretary deems appropriate."   To request a waiver, please complete the LoCIP Project Payment Waiver Request form and submit as directed on the form.
We cannot accept electronic submission of LoCIP forms.  Please send completed and signed original forms to:
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue
Attn:  LoCIP/Kathy Taylor MS# 52ADM
Hartford, CT 06106
Questions?  Contact Kathy Taylor @ 860-418-6379, or via email @ Kathleen.Taylor@ct.gov

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