OPM: LoCIP Reports


Project Authorization List Reports

Project Authorization lists reflect OPM approved Project Authorizations by town and project, including amount, project description, and project number. Project Lists take the place of the Project Approval letters previously sent to towns and cities.  This list will be updated approximately once per month.

Payment List Breakdown Reports
These reports show exactly which project reimbursements your LoCIP payment represents.  This list will be updated after each payment cycle.
Project Summary Report
These reports will be updated once per month. Please note:  It is possible that an approved project might not be listed on the Project Summary Report if the project was approved after the last report was posted, but before the updated report is posted.
This report includes only open projects with open/unexpended balances.
This report includes all projects, both open and closed, from 1988 through the present.
Historical LoCIP Entitlement Report
Questions?  Contact Kathy Taylor @ 860-418-6379, or via email @ Kathleen.Taylor@ct.gov

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