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LoCIP Funding Status Questions & Answers

December 29, 2016 Memo to municipalities regard the status of available LoCIP funding

February 7, 2017 LoCIP funding status memo to towns



{alert}      FUTURE LoCIP ENTITLEMENTS                                                              


NEW UPDATE (posted 07/17/17) Until a State budget package is passed and signed by the Governor, the amount of new LoCIP entitlements and when municipalities will receive them remains undetermined.  As currently written, the Governorís proposed budget would award municipalities $0 in 2017, $55 million of new entitlements in March of 2018, and $35 million in March of 2019.



{alert}      FROZEN LoCIP ENTITLEMENTS                       

REMINDER: Any entitlement funds not already allocated to LoCIP projects authorized by OPM prior to 12/23/16 remain frozen.  Such funds will remain frozen until a State budget package is passed and signed by the Governor which includes additional bond authorization amounts sufficient to support the authorization of new projects.


While OPMís 12/29/2016 letter to municipalities advises that OPM is not accepting applications for new LoCIP project authorizations to be drawn against these frozen entitlements, if a town closes out a previously OPM approved project(s), it may utilize any unexpended project funds from such closed project(s) for a new project (see item #4 at this link for details).    

Towns will be notified when entitlements become unfrozen and they can begin submitting new LoCIP Project Authorization Requests.


{alert}     LoCIP REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTS                                                                        

REMINDER: OPM will continue to accept requests for reimbursement for LoCIP projects already approved by OPM and will continue to issue reimbursement payments.

{alert}     UPDATED REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM                                       



Because grantees are no longer required to submit back-up paperwork (i.e., copies of checks and invoices) with their LoCIP Reimbursement Requests, we must obtain from you the actual date the goods or services were received for expenditures you are seeking reimbursement for.  OPM must have this information to complete its required GAAP report for each fiscal year.  The snapshot below illustrates where you are to provide the required information. 

Effective July 7, 2017 all requests for LoCIP reimbursement must be submitted on the revised form which is available at this link.

{revised form snap shot}


Program Objective Statement

To provide reimbursement  to cities, towns and boroughs for specific capital projects (such as road, bridge or sewer construction) as fully defined in Connecticut General Statutes Section 7-536(a)4, and to encourage development of a five year Local Capital Improvement Plan by the towns. (Such a Plan gives a general description, need for, estimated cost of and proposed funding source for each individual capital improvement in the first year of the Plan.)

Eligibility: Any town, city, borough, consolidated town and city or consolidated town and borough.

Key Dates:

During February - OPM calculates town entitlements.

By March 1* - OPM sends applications, including Certification of Expenditures, entitlement announcements, and program guidelines to towns.

*March 1, 2017:  LoCIP entitlements yet to be determined.  Entitlement amounts and schedule of availability of such amounts is subject to legislative action taken in 2017 regular, or if applicable, special session.

Statutory References: Connecticut General Statutes (CGS): Sections 7-535 to 7- 538.

Regulatory References: Not applicable.

Funding Source(s): State: Bond Funds (100%).

Account Number: 12050 - 40254 - 13046 - 55050.

Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number: Not applicable.

General Statement of Process: Annually calculates an Annual Entitlement amount based upon the formula contained in CGS: Section 7- 536(c) for each eligible applicant. Provides municipalities with requisite guidance and forms. Approves projects and approves reimbursements. Prepares and certifies Payment Lists for the Comptroller.


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Questions?  Contact Kathy Taylor @ 860-418-6379, or via email @ Kathleen.Taylor@ct.gov

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