OPM: Neglected Cemetery Account Grants Reimbursement

Neglected Cemetery Account Grants

Grantee Reimbursement Process


Towns may submit a reimbursement request to receive their Neglected Cemetery Account Grant funds after a contract has been fully executed and the town has expended the funds it is seeking reimbursement for.  Towns will be notified when their contract has been fully executed.


There will only be one reimbursement payment. 

  • Once the town has expended funds, and the project is complete, a reimbursement request should be submitted on the prescribed form.
  • Any unexpended grant funds for which reimbursement was not sought will be forfeited and placed back in the main Neglected Cemetery Account Grant fund for future awards. 


Reimbursements will only be made for allowable costs which are:

  • associated with projects for which a contract exists;
  • related to the type of work stated in the town’s approved application;
  • incurred between the start and end dates of the contract;
  • municipal labor only if such labor is performed outside of the course of an employee’s regular duties and/or outside the employee’s regular work schedule; and
  • submitted on the prescribed reimbursement form signed by the municipality’s authorized official as designated in the minutes previously submitted to OPM.

 Please make sure to complete:

  • all blue-shaded cells at the top and bottom of the form;
  • cells under the gray column headings; and
  • please ensure that the form is signed by the Chief Elected Official or Town Manager, as designated in the minutes previously submitted to OPM.

Link to form:  Neglected Cemetery Account Grant Program Reimbursement Form. 


Send completed and signed reimbursement forms in hardcopy format via mail to:


Office of Policy and Management

450 Capitol Avenue

ATTN: E. Mayo MS# 52ADM

Hartford, CT 06106

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