OPM: Neglected Cemetery Account Grants Contract Submittal Requirements


Neglected Cemetery Account Grants

2018 Grantee Contract Submittal Documents and Information


Grant awards are contingent upon OPM approval of required grant documents to be submitted by Grantees.


The grantee must complete and submit to OPM the following documents.  Until such documents are submitted to and approved by OPM, a contract does not exist, and without a contract, grant funds cannot be paid.  Grant funds cannot be used for any grantee expenditures incurred before the contract start date or after the contract end date.  The start date of the grant will be the date on which the Notice of Grant Award is fully executed by both the grantee and OPM.  The end date of the grant will be 24 months after the date on which the Notice of Grant Award is fully executed by both the grantee and OPM. Grantees will be provided with a copy of their fully executed contract.

All required contract submittal documents must be submitted to OPM as promptly as possible and must be post-marked no later than October 10, 2018.


                              THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED:

  • Remittance Information: Please complete and submit one copy.
  • Neglected Cemetery Account Grant Eligibility Affidavit:  Please affix one completed, signed, dated and notarized copy to each NOGA.
  • Notice of Grant Award (NOGA): This document must be signed and dated by the individual authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the municipality.  The individual who signs this document should be the same individual named in the meeting minutes.  Please submit two (2) copies, both with an original signature.  PLEASE NOTE: There are 44 awards and they are in alphabetical order in one file at the link above.  Find and print the applicable one page NOGA for your town.  CAUTION: When printing you must specify the individual page to print.  If you do not, all 44 pages will print.
  • General Grant Conditions:  Please print two (2) copies and attach one set to each of the Notice of Grant Award forms.


Office of Policy and Management

Attn:   Elizabeth Mayo, MS#52ADM

450 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106


Please direct any questions related to required paperwork, contracts or payments to:


Elizabeth Mayo, (860) 418-6330, Elizabeth.Mayo@ct.gov


Please direct any programmatic questions to:

Martin Heft, (860)418-6355, Martin.Heft@ct.gov

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