OPM: 2016 Statewide Flight

Acquisition of Statewide High-resolution Aerial Imagery and Elevation Data Scheduled for Spring 2016


The State of Connecticut and its nine Regional Councils of Governments are collaborating to achieve statewide coverage of unprecedented, high-quality geographic information system (GIS) mapping data of benefit to all people who live, work, and learn in Connecticut.

In September 2015, the Office of Policy and Management awarded a grant to the Capitol Region Council of Governments, who will administer the project on behalf of all nine Councils of Governments.  The grant award is funded through the Regional Performance Incentive Program, with additional contributions from the Departments of Transportation and Emergency Services and Public Protection.

Read the official press release here.

Sample orthophotograph over the State Capitol                    Sample elevation model showing the Quinnipiac River


Data Products

This initiative includes acquisition of the following GIS services and products:
  • Statewide aerial photographs and orthoimagery of 3-inch pixel resolution.  The orthoimagery will meet the ASPRS Class 1 standard.
  • Statewide elevation data and topographic products derived from "LiDAR."  The LiDAR will meet USGS Quality Level 2 vertical and horizontal accuracy specifications.  LiDAR-derived products will include:
    • 1-foot and 5-foot contour lines
    • Bare-Earth Digital Elevation Model (DEM) using 1-meter pixels in GeoTiff and MrSID formats
    • LAS dataset adhering to the USGS LiDAR base specification

Municipalities, state agencies, utility companies, and other interested parties have the option to complement the above base products with additional buy-ups, such as:
  • True orthoimagery
  • Planimetric data such as building footprints, edge of pavement, road markings, vegetation, etc.
  • Custom geographic boundaries of the base products
  • Additional LiDAR classifications and products
  • Hydro-enforced / hydro-conditioned DEM
  • Impervious surface data
  • Contour annotation
To learn more about buy-up opportunities, contact:

Erik Snowden
Capitol Region Council of Governments
(860) 522-2217 ext. 217


Estimated Project Schedule*

RFP Release Date            October 2, 2015                      
Proposals Due November 6, 2015
Vendor Selection December 9, 2015
Contract Executed with Vendor          March 2, 2016
Project Commences March 15, 2016
Ground Control Established March 28, 2016
Completion of Flight May 9, 2016
Initial Deliverables July 11, 2016
LiDAR Deliverables
 September 19, 2016
Orthophotography Deliverables February 6, 2017
Contour Deliverables June 26, 2017

* This schedule represents the project timeline as proposed in the RFP released by CRCOG.  The actual project schedule is dependent upon the outcome of contract negotiations with a vendor, as well as cooperative weather during the flight period.

For more information contact:
Name: Eric K. Lindquist
Email: eric.k.lindquist@ct.gov
Voice: 860-418-6395

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