OPM: Intertown Capital Equipment Sharing Program

Intertown Capital Equipment (ICE) Purchase Incentive Program

OPM is not accepting applications for the Inter-town Capital Equipment Purchase Incentive Program (ICE) in Fiscal Year 2017, due to insufficient funding.


Although CGS Section 4-66m originally authorized the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $20 million, Section 209 of Public Act 15-1 (June Special Session) reduced the authorization by $10 million and Section 240 of Public Act 16-4 (May Special Session) further reduced the authorization by another $5 million.  Almost all of the remaining $5 million authorization has been allocated by the State Bond Commission over the prior four-year period (FY 2013 - $860,694; FY 2014 - $99,012; FY 2015 - $751,623; and FY 16 - $3,225,818) for OPM-administered ICE grant awards to municipalities.

For more information contact:
Name: Patrick Sullivan
Email: patrick.j.sullivan@ct.gov
Voice: 860-418-6406

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