OPM: Intertown Capital Equipment Sharing Program

Intertown Capital Equipment (ICE) Purchase Incentive Program

The application period for 2016 ICE grants closed on December 1, 2015.  Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Grant funds under this program may be used for (A) the acquisition of “equipment with an anticipated remaining useful life of not less than five years from the date of purchase or entry into a lease, including but not limited to data processing equipment that has a unit price of less than one thousand dollars, that a municipality uses in the performance or delivery of a required governmental function or service, . . . ”  and (B) a maintenance vehicle, pickup truck, tractor, truck tractor or utility trailer or similar vehicle as defined in CGS Section 14-1 as “any vehicle in use by the state, or by any town, city, borough or district,  . . . in the maintenance of public highways or bridges and facilities located within the limits of public highways or bridges.”


Selected proposals will receive a state grant for 60% of the total acquisition cost, or 80% if at least one of the towns is a “distressed municipality/targeted investment community/public investment community”.  Municipalities must provide the corresponding matching funds and in no event shall the total amount of the state grant exceed $375,000.  Priority will be given to acquisitions of energy-efficient vehicles, e-government infrastructure, and emergency management investments.


The proposal form and format is prescribed and must be used for each submittal.  Please note that proposals submitted in a form or format other than the prescribed form WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.  If additional pages are needed for any responses, please show the name of the applicant town, project title and the specific required proposal element that it relates to at the top of the page. 


Proposals may be submitted for pre-approval which will result in a determination by OPM whether the intended project will qualify for funding prior to the Towns seeking a resolution from their legislative bodies and developing and entering into an intermunicipal agreement for the purpose of the acquisition.  Prior to the execution of the Notice of Grant Award and distribution of funds, the Towns must develop their intermunicipal agreements for the use of the equipment and get approval in the form of a resolution from their respective legislative bodies.  Sales agreements, certified resolutions and executed copies of intermunicipal agreements must be submitted prior to disbursement of grant funds.



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