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Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Advisory Board

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The Board shall, as prescribed in PA 98-223  An Act Establishing an Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Advisory Board,  promote neighborhood self-sufficiency and economic development, and  assist Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) planning committees in developing and implementing stategic plans. The Board shall make recommendations on the distribution of monies in accordance with subsection (d) of the Act. Additionally, the Board may serve as a clearing house for information on NRZs, including linkages with technical experts for the development of strategic plans, innovative neighborhood success models and training and mentoring opportunities for members of NRZ planning committees. The Board may also conduct seminars or conferences and establish partnerships with a variety of related organizations. For more information see the description for the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Program.



A schedule of meeting dates for 2003 is currently being developed and   will be published when it is finalized.


Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Advisory Board as of September 1,  2002

Board of Trustees for Community-Technical Colleges
Marc S. Herzog

Conn. Institute for Municipal Studies
Nicholas Carbone

Conn. Department of Economic and Community Development
Richard Cofrancesco

Conn. Department of Environmental Protection
Robert Kaliszewski

Conn. Department of Labor
Patricia Mayfield

Conn. Department of Public Health
Cynthia Denne

Conn. Department of Public Safety
George Luther

Conn. Department of Social Services
Dennis King

Conn. Department of Transportation
Charles Barone

Conn. Housing Finance Authority
Gary King

Conn. Office of Policy & Management
W. David LeVasseur - (Chairman)

City:    Sabine Kuczo
    NRZ:   Eva Canales

Town:   Larry Duncan
    NRZ:    Vacant

East Hartford
Town:   Tammy Fagan
    NRZ:    Vacant

Town:   Vacant
    NRZ:    Lyndon Pitter

City:    Jim Sequin
    NRZ:   David Morin

City:    William Warner
    NRZ:   Roy Lisker

New Britain
City:    Kenneth A. Malinowski
    NRZ:   Margaret Malinowski

New Haven
City:    Henry Fernandez
    NRZ:   Vacant

City:    Tim Beeble
    NRZ:   Dr. Lorell Guydon

City:    Michael Gilmore
    NRZ:   Vacant

Town:   David Prendergast
    NRZ:    William Correll


For Further Information, Please Contact:
Daniel Morley phone (860) 418-6343 - fax (860) 418-6486 - e-mail   daniel.morley@ct.gov

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