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{Local Capital Improvement Program}

Program Description

The Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP) distributes funds to municipalities to reimburse the cost of eligible local capital improvement projects such as road, bridge or public building construction activities.  Descriptions of eligible projects and examples of allowable project costs can be found in the LoCIP Guidelines and Supplemental Guidance Document. Links to this information are below.  Each year, the Office of Policy and Management provides a formula-based entitlement to each municipality's available LoCIP balance. These funds can accumulate from year to year.

A municipality must request project approval by completing a simple form and submitting that form to OPM.  A municipality can request LoCIP reimbursement for eligible costs associated with an approved LoCIP project by completing a simple form and submitting that form to OPM.  Links to these forms are below.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Kathleen Taylor
Phone:  860-418-6379
E-mail:  Kathleen.Taylor@ct.gov



Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers:  Please check your email!  OPM has sent each of you an email regarding some important changes related to the submission requirements for LoCIP Project Authorization Requests and LoCIP Reimbursement Requests. Click the link above for complete details.

Please ensure that any municipal staff who are involved in the administration and/or oversight of LoCIP projects are made aware of these program changes.  These changes are effective immediately, however there is a 3 week grace period before the changes become mandatory.  We encourage you to implement these changes sooner rather than later, as these changes require you to submit substantially less LoCIP-related paperwork.




Project Authorization List Reports

Project Authorization lists reflect OPM approved Project Authorizations by town and project, including amount, project description, and project number. Project Lists take the place of the Project Approval letters previously sent to towns and cities.  This list will be updated approximately once per month.

Payment List Breakdown Reports
These reports show exactly which project reimbursements your LoCIP payment represents.  This list will be updated after each payment cycle.
Project Summary Report
This report will be updated once per month. Please note:  It is possible that an approved project might not be listed on the Project Summary Report if the approved project has a reimbursement associated with it.  Reimbursements are processed independently and subsequent to project authorizations and this causes a gap in reporting. 
Project Summary Report - November 2016
At this time, we cannot accept electronic submission of LoCIP forms.  Please send completed and signed original forms to:
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue
Attn:  LoCIP/Kathy Taylor MS# 52ADM
Hartford, CT 06106
  • NEW!!! September 2016 - LoCIP Project Authorization Request Form - September 2016
  • NEW!!! September 2016 - LoCIP Reimbursement Request Form - September 2016
  • NEW!!! September 2016 - LoCIP Project Payment Waiver Request - September 2016 - Pursuant to CGS Sec. 7-536(f): "If a municipality fails to request payment within seven years of OPM’s authorization of a LoCIP project, the secretary shall make no payment for such project unless the municipality requests and receives a waiver for such project on such terms and conditions as the secretary deems appropriate."   To request a waiver, please complete the LoCIP Project Payment Waiver Request form and submit as directed on the form.
  • UPDATED LoCIP Guidelines - September 2016 (.pdf)
  • Entitlement Amounts - February 2016 (.pdf)
  • 2007 - 2016 Entitlement Amounts by Municipality - (.pdf) 
  • Memo to Chief Elected Officials - February 2016 (.pdf)
    Program Objective Statement

    To provide reimbursement  to cities, towns and boroughs for specific capital projects (such as road, bridge or sewer construction) as fully defined in Connecticut General Statutes Section 7-536(a)4, and to encourage development of a five year Local Capital Improvement Plan by the towns. (Such a Plan gives a general description, need for, estimated cost of and proposed funding source for each individual capital improvement in the first year of the Plan.)


    Any town, city, borough, consolidated town and city or consolidated town and borough.

    Key Dates

    During February - OPM calculates town entitlements.

    By March 1 - OPM sends applications, including Certification of Expenditures, entitlement announcements, and program guidelines to towns.

    Statutory References

    Connecticut General Statutes (CGS): Sections 7-535 to 7- 538.

    Regulatory References

    Not applicable.

    Funding Source(s)

    State: Bond Funds (100%).

    Account Number

    12050 - 40254 - 13046 - 55050.

    Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number

    Not applicable.

    General Statement of Process

    Annually calculates an Annual Entitlement amount based upon the formula contained in CGS: Section 7- 536(c) for each eligible applicant. Provides municipalities with Application packages. Processes Applications and Certifications of Expenditures. Prepares and certifies Payment Lists for the Comptroller.

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