OPM: POS Standard RFP

Standard Request For Proposal (RFP)
for POS Procurements

The Office of Policy and Management developed this standard RFP in a collaborative effort with the State's purchase of service (POS) agencies.  The standard RFP is another step toward achieving greater standardization across these health and human service agencies with respect to their POS procurements.
While the standard RFP is highly structured in terms of its organization, it provides sufficient flexibility so that each POS agency can tailor the contents to meets its requirements for any particular procurement.
The standard RFP must be used for all POS competitive procurements released on or after September 14, 2009.

{TOP of page}  Standard RFP (Template)

      Standard RFP (PDF, 130KB)
      Date:  August 27, 2009  
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      Standard RFP (Word.doc, 278KB)
      Date:  August 27, 2009
      Grey shaded areas must be completed by the agency.
      Remove shading after inserting the required information.
      (Adobe.PDF, 32KB)
      Date:  August 27, 2009

For Further Information, Contact:
Valerie Clark, (860) 418-6313;

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