OPM: IGP Grants & Services

 Calendar - IGP Grants Payment Dates
 Colleges (Private) and General/Free Standing Chronic Disease Hospitals
 Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal System Grant (CAMA)
 Housing for Economic Growth
 Intertown Capital Equipment Sharing Program
 Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP) HOME PAGE
 LoCIP Forms
 LoCIP Program Updates
 LoCIP Reports
 Main Street Investment Fund
 Maritime Heritage Land Classification
 Maritime Heritage Land Classification Application Form
 Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund Grant
 Municipal Revenue Sharing Account
 Neglected Cemetery Account Grant Program - HOME PAGE
 Neglected Cemetery Account Grants Contract Submittal Requirements
 Neglected Cemetery Account Grants Reimbursements
 OPM Municipal Grant/Reimbursement Programs 5 Year History by Town
 Regional Performance Incentive Program
 Regional Planning State Grant-in-Aid (SGIA)
 Regional Services Grant (RSG) Program
 RGTOD Grantee Submittal Page
 RGTOD Reimbursement Process & Required Reporting
 RPIP Grantee Information
 State-Owned Property Payment in Lieu of Taxes
 Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning Grant Program
 Uniform Chart of Accounts Grant Programs

Tax Relief Grants
 Annual Report on Elderly Tax Relief Programs
 Disabled Tax Relief Program
 Distressed Municipalities - Reimbursement of Tax Loss on Exemptions
 Homeowner Question & Answer Booklet Description
 Homeowners' - Elderly/Disabled (Circuit Breaker) Tax Relief Program
 Homeowners' - Elderly/Disabled (Freeze) Tax Relief Program
 Program to Provide Property Tax Relief for Commercial Businesses
 Renters' - Rebate For Elderly/Disabled Renters' Tax Relief Program
 Renters' Question & Answer Booklet Description
 Tax Relief Claims Forms
 Veterans' Additional Exemption Tax Relief Program

 Comprehensive Planning and Intergovernmental Policy Division
 Estimates Book - State Formula Grants to Municipalities
 Intergovernmental Structure
 Land Value Taxation Pilot Program
 Municipal Finance Advisory Commission
 Municipal Retirement Systems Task Force
 Municipal Tax Collection Task Force
 Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Program
 Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Strategic Plan Guidelines
 Property Revaluation Workgroup
 Public Investment Community Index Preparation
 Regional Planning Coordination
 Single Audit Compliance Supplement (State)
 Statutes Governing Municipal Planning & Zoning
 Statutes Governing Property Assessment and Taxation
 Telecommunications Services Companies' Tax Liability
 Urban Advisory Committee (UAC)
 What's New

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
 ACIR - previous years' meetings
  ACIR - old meeting agendas and minutes
 ACIR Annual Report
 ACIR Members and Meeting Schedule
 ACIR Reports
 Advisory Commison on Intergovernmental Relations
 Compendium of Statutory and Regulatory Mandates on Municipalities in Connecticut
 Cooperative Ventures by Local Governments in Connecticut (1996)
 Disaster Response and Recovery Conference
 Municipal Budget Adoption Experiences
 State Mandates (Enacted During The Legislative Session)
 State Mandates (Statutory and Regulatory) on Municipalities - 2008 Supplement