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The Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities officially closed on 7/1/2017. The new advocacy organization contact information is:

Disability Rights Connecticut, Inc.
846 Wethersfield Avenue
Hartford,  CT 06144
Toll-free CT only 1-800-842-7303
e-mail address: info@disrightsct.org

Effective March 17, 2017 The Protection and Advocacy Abuse Investigation Division has been relocated to the Department of Developmental Services and the telephone number for making reports of suspected abuse or neglect of an individual with an intellectual disability between the ages of 18 and 59 has been changed to 1-844-878-8923.
 If you would like to report a situation in which abuse or neglect is suspected concerning an individual with an intellectual disability between the ages of 18 and 59, please call 1-844-878-8923. Calls are fielded by the Abuse Investigation Division during normal business hours Monday through Friday.  If you receive a message at that number please leave your name and a telephone number where you can be reached and an Investigator will contact you as soon as one becomes available to field your call. 
If you are calling to report a death resulting from alleged abuse or neglect, please use the same contact number 1-844-878-8923 and indicate in your message that you are calling to report a such suspicious death. Please note that there is a weekend call back system for responding to death reports.  If you are leaving a message after hours please make sure we have contact phone number for where you are currently as well as where you can be reached during the next business day. 
 Investigations concerning reports of alleged abuse or neglect of adults (ages 18-59) with an intellectual disability. Various professionals and service system workers are listed in the C.G.S. 46a-11b as "mandatory reporters" (e.g., people who must report suspected abuse and neglect). Most reports involving clients of the intellectual disability service system are directly investigated by the service agencies, with P&A monitoring the internal investigation. P&A conducts primary investigations for allegations involving people living at home, or otherwise outside the scope of the intellectual disability service system. When necessary to assure the safety of an individual with intellectual disability, protective services may be requested from the Department of Developmental Services.

If you are a former client, who received a letter regarding your closed files and would like information on how to receive your closed case records, please contact Barbara Roy, OPM, at Barbara.L.Roy@ct.gov or call 860-418-6417.

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