OPA: List of Bills by Topic

List of Bills by Topic

List of Bills by Topic

Updated Thursday, June 11, 2015

Please note: HB 7061, the State Budget for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017 was passed by the House and Senate.  However, legislation to implement the budget was not passed. The legislature is currently in “Special Session” and will convene a House Session and Senate Session to take up bills related to the budget. No date has been set for House and Senate action on budget implementation bills.

Bills have passed the House and Senate in the following subject areas. Legislation to implement the state budget could impact these bills—the bills could be amended by legislation in the Special Session.

Autism (see Department of Developmental Disabilities)


Budget bill for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017 is HB 7061

Deaf / Hard of Hearing (see “Insurance” for legislation concerning insurance coverage for hearing aids)

Screening for Birth to Three 6805

Department of Developmental Services (Intellectual Disability, Developmental Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Respectful, updated language 6815

Autism 6737


962, 1054, 6796, 6834

Restraint and Seclusion 927

Employment—See Labor

Health& Health Care (Insurance Bills Listed Under 'Insurance')

312, 5903, 6100, 6579

Dementia: 6892

Newborn screening: 5525


862, 891, 6694


1085, 6155, 6770

Intellectual Disability (see Department of Developmental Services)

Judicial (Criminal Justice, Discrimination)

Court Operations 1033

Elderly exploitation 1005

Long Term Care 


Aging in place 290

Abuse 5257

Bill of rights 5358

Mental Health


Children’s mental health 841, 843

Substance use disorder 6856

Probate (Including Guardianship & Conservatorship) see also “Mental Health—Involuntary evaluation and / or treatment)

Annual “Probate Court Operations” bill 7029

Suspected elderly abuse 896


ABLE Act of 2014: 6738





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