OPA: Executive Director Message

Executive Director Message
Welcome to our agency’s website.  As you will learn from navigating through the site, OPA (or “P&A” as it is usually called) is part of a nationwide network of federally directed, state designated systems that safeguard and advocate the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. 
Within the disability rights movement, the term “advocacy” has come to mean more than its dictionary definitions would imply - more than just “arguing on behalf of others or for a cause”.  Disability advocacy has developed in the context of a long struggle to secure just treatment, equal opportunity and a rightful place in the human community.  It is an ongoing process aimed at changing those aspects of the economic, legal and cultural landscape that create barriers for people with disabilities.  In its most visible forms, advocacy plays out in courtrooms, legislative forums, editorial pages and the schools, workplaces, and main streets of local communities.  But, it also plays out in the lives of individuals and families.  Indeed, disability advocacy is as much about raising awareness and empowering individuals to change things in their own lives as it is about challenging systems and structures. 
This awareness and empowerment is fueled by learning and connecting with others.  As Connecticut’s designated protection and advocacy system, and as an outgrowth of the disability rights movement, it is hardly surprising that a significant part of our agency’s mission involves providing information to individuals and families and helping them make connections with others who can offer discrete concrete forms of assistance, or with whom they can make common cause.  In creating this website, our primary goal is to provide people with disabilities and their friends and family members with answers to commonly asked questions, with useful resource information, and with a sense of connection with the larger disability advocacy community.  We hope that others who serve or are seeking to do business with the disability community will also find the information and links to be useful.
We appreciate your visiting us on this website.  If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to discuss your situation, please feel free to contact our Office at:
 Office of Protection and Advocacy
 for Persons with Disabilities (OPA)
 60B Weston Street
 Hartford, CT 06120-1551
 860-297-4300 (V)
   800-842-7303 (V/TTY)
   860-297-4380 (TTY)
Office Hours: 
 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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