OPA: March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month 


March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.  This gives individuals with brain injuries, their families and advocates a time to raise the public's consciousness about brain injury related issues.


A traumatic brain injury is a blow or jolt to the head, often resulting from a fall, motor vehicle crash, workplace accident or assault. As many as 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention (CDC), brain injuries result in a range of outcomes. Of the 1.7 million people who sustain a brain injury, 52,000 die, 275,000 are hospitalized and 1.365 million (nearly 80 percent) are treated and released from an emergency department.   Brain Injury Association of America


Additional written information from our Protection and Advocacy for Individual with Traumatic Brain Injury (PATBI) program:


Putting the Pieces Together - A Guide to Brain Injury Services in Connecticut


PATBI Program Informational Brochures


Traumatic Brain Injury Fact Sheet


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