OMA: Law shortens process for military absentee ballots

Law Shortens Process For Military Absentee Ballots
The Day
July 5, 2010

Groton - The governor has signed into law a bill that will change Connecticut's election laws to reduce the processing time for overseas military personnel who wish to vote this November by absentee ballot.
The changes include allowing the transfer of absentee ballots and applications to troops stationed overseas electronically, either by fax, e-mail or web downloads, to reduce the processing time. Senate Bill 501 will also implement the federal Military Overseas Voting Empowerment Act, which was signed into law by the president in October.
Prior to the change in the law, Connecticut required town clerks to issue absentee ballots to a voter either in person or by mail only. It took up to 57 days on average for an overseas service member to vote.
Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz estimates that allowing the electronic transfer of absentee ballots and applications will reduce that processing time by at least 24 days. The ballots can be filled out and sent back by mail only. Applications for absentee ballots can also be downloaded off the web and sent back electronically.
The new law also protects against voter fraud by requiring each overseas military voter to send in a signed affidavit enclosed with his or her ballot, Bysiewicz said.

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