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In June 2014, the Connecticut State Legislature passed Public Act 14-115, an act connecting the public to behavioral health care services. In this act, the Office of the Healthcare Advocate was tasked with the design and implementation of “an information and referral service to help residents and providers receive behavioral health care information, timely referrals and access to behavioral health care providers.” 


Behavioral health encompasses the broad range of services and treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.


This effort will ultimately consist of an informational website with a searchable directory of behavioral health providers and a call center staffed with clinicians to help consumers primarily with commercial insurance connect with appropriate behavioral health providers.

Through this initiative, Connecticut residents will be provided with a comprehensive, convenient and easy to understand source for behavioral health information and services.


Our Mission:

To promote accurate and timely access to behavioral health information and referrals for privately-insured individuals and identify barriers to such access.

Our Purpose:

To provide Connecticut residents with a referral resource for privately-insured individuals and their providers coupled with a comprehensive, convenient and easily understandable source for information about behavioral healthcare for all of Connecticut’s residents; the promotion of equitable and timely access to appropriate behavioral healthcare services; and data analysis of access and utilization trends for the privately-insured to better inform policy initiatives.



Public Act 14-115


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     The BHC is seeking consumers and providers to share their    

     experiences and information to help inform the design and next

     steps.  Links to these surveys can be found:

     for Consumers here; for Providers here.


     Providers who wish to proceed directly to the information form for 

     inclusion in our provider directory may do so here.


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