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Quality of Health Plans

The "quality" of health care is hard to measure, but more and more information is becoming available. There are certain things you can look for and questions you can ask.

In Connecticut, the managed care plans are regulated by Federal and State agencies. You can also find out if the managed care plan you are interested in has been "accredited," meaning that it meets certain standards of independent organizations. Some employers will only contract with plans that are accredited.

Another approach is to ask the plan how it ensures good medical care. For example, find out what the qualifications are of the doctors before they are added to the plan. Some managed care plans survey members about their health care experiences. Ask the plan for a report of the survey results.

Finally, you can talk to current members of the plan. Ask how they feel about their experiences, such as waiting times for appointments, the helpfulness of medical staff, the services offered, and the care received. If there are programs for your particular condition, how are the patients in them doing?

Each year, the State of Connecticut publishes "A Comparison of Managed Care Organizations in Connecticut." To receive a copy, contact:

State of Connecticut
Department of Insurance
Consumer Affairs Division
P.O. Box 816
Hartford, CT 06142-0816
Toll free at (800)203-3447