OHA: Compare Cost

Health Plans

Determining a Health Plan's Cost

No health insurance plan will cover every expense. To get a true idea of what your costs will be under each plan, you need to look at how much you will pay for your premium and other costs. Depending on which type of plans are offered, here are some questions to consider about each plan:

  • What is the monthly premium?
  • Are there co-payments you must pay for certain services, such as doctor visits?
  • How much will the co-pay be?
  • If you use doctors outside a plan's network, how much more will you pay to get care?
  • How does your prescription coverage work--co-pay or deductible?
  • Are there deductibles you must pay before the insurance begins to help cover your costs?
  • After you have met your deductible, what part of your costs is paid by the plan?
  • Does this amount vary by the type of service, doctor, or health facility used?
  • Are there any annual limits for days or the amount spent on you?
  • Is there a lifetime limit that you will be reimbursed for?

You can't know in advance what your health care needs for the coming year will be. But you can guess what services you and your family might need based on last year's records. Figure out what the total costs to your family would be for these services under each plan.