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Office of the Healthcare Advocate

When to Contact Us

  • If you're not sure who to call to help you with a healthcare enrollment or coverage situation.
  • If you need specific explanations about a benefit, program or coverage definition.
  • If you want an assessment of the plans offered in Connecticut.
  • If you want to review your rights and responsibilities as a healthcare plan member.
  • If you want to better understand the referral and pre-authorization procedures required by your plan.
  • If you need assistance with your plan's internal and external appeals processes.

Mailing Address

Office of the Healthcare Advocate
P.O. Box 1543
Hartford, CT 06144

Directions to OHA can be found here.


(860) 331-2499


General Email : healthcare.advocate@ct.gov

Office Location

450 Capitol Avenue, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06106