OHA: Demian Fontanella

Demian Fontanella

General Counsel

Demian Fontanella joined OHA at the end of 2011, bringing a diverse background in medicine and law with him. He is a native of Central Connecticut and currently lives in Avon with his wife of 19 years, their 8 year old daughter and their two dogs. After college in Boston, he served a tour of duty in the United States Air Force as a medic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after which Demian and his family returned to Connecticut where he took a position at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington as a member of a specialized surgical team.

While working at the Health Center, Demian completed his undergraduate work, receiving a degree in Political Science from Charter Oak State College and continuing on to the University of Connecticut School of Law as an evening student, from which he graduated in May, 2008. He interned with OHA from 2006-07, working on several pieces of legislation and projects.

He started a solo law law practice following his admission to the CT bar, specializing in contract, family and civil matters, bringing his medical background to bear on his client’s behalf, integrating the principles of mediation and ADR into his representation. He also advocated for healthcare reform and actively incorporated consumer outreach and education into his practice philosophy, providing free education sessions on consumer rights as well as raising awareness about the importance of advanced directives.

Since joining OHA he has been actively involved in consumer outreach and advocacy, client representation for issues with their healthcare coverage, promoting OHA’s legislative initiatives and supporting Connecticut’s evolving and multifaceted healthcare reform efforts. He provides legal counsel to OHA staff concerning client cases. In addition, Demian assists Vicki Veltri, the Healthcare Advocate, with the office’s legal and legislative agenda, drafting testimony and representing OHA.

Demian enjoys spending time with his family, in addition to cooking, home improvements, reading and the outdoors.