OHA: State of Connecticut Commission on Health Equity

To the Citizens of Connecticut,

As the Healthcare Advocate for the State of Connecticut, I am pleased to support the work of the newly formed Connecticut Commission on Health Equity.  Disparities in health access and outcomes resulting from racial, ethnic, cultural or linguistic differences  are simply not acceptable.  The Office of the Healthcare Advocate will work closely with the Commission to identify, evaluate, and eliminate these inequities among the citizens of Connecticut.

{Equaty in Healthcare for All}

Kevin P. Lembo, MPA

Connecticut State Healthcare Advocate

{Contact and Official Information Below Here}
Executive Committee Conference Call
June 22, 2010
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM ET
(800) 369-3165
Pass Code: Health Equity
Contact the Commission For the Record
Contact Information:
State of Connecticut
Commission on Health Equity
c/o Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Post Office Box 1543
Hartford, CT 06144
Please note that the Commission on Health Equity regularly meets the third Tuesday of every month in room 1B of the Legislative Office Building.
  • Data Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Public Voice Committee
  • Resource Development Committee
CT Department of Administrative Services releases announcement on the Examination/Application for Health Equity Director, deadline for application is June 29, 2010

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