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I am enrolled in a Medicare managed care plan and I understand that all my benefits are now administered and covered by the managed care plan. Does that mean I don’t have Medicare anymore?

No, you continue to be enrolled in the federal Medicare program and must continue to pay $50 a month for your Part B (physician) coverage. CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) pays your managed care plan a premium each month to cover your (estimated) physician and hospital charges. You can return to "traditional" Medicare, which pays for specific services after the application of deductibles and co-payments, but need to be aware of pre-existing conditions that might exist should you apply for a supplemental plan at that time. Pre-existing conditions are those diagnosed or treated within a specified time immediately preceding the enrollee’s effective date of coverage under a contract.

You can receive additional information by contacting the CHOICES counselors at their local area Agency on Aging. In Connecticut call, 1-800-994-9422


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