OHA: Greeting

Welcome to the Office of the Healthcare Advocate, and thank you for visiting our website.

We have worked with thousands of policyholders, patients and families to explain their rights and responsibilities in a health insurance plan, and to advocate for patients when they are denied treatment or reimbursement by their health insurance company.

If you have a specific question, or feel you have been unfairly denied care by your health insurance company, please call 1-866-466-4446.

I hope you will take a few minutes and review the information contained on these pages.  It contains useful information designed to assist consumers with health plan selection, accessing insurance benefits, and to provide guidance and support through the appeals process.


For the most up-to-date information, please read our news section.  You can also view our seasonal newsletter by clicking on the green icon on our home page.  We’ve added some new features to our site, including a daily news scroll at the bottom of that page. We will update our site regularly.

If you have any specific thoughts or ideas about the site itself, please send them to healthcare.advocate@ct.gov.


Ted Doolittle
Healthcare Advocate
State of Connecticut


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