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An Act Implementing Provisions of the Budget Concerning General Government
Structure and Operation
The act establishes an Office of Governmental Accountability (OGA), with an executive administrator as its head, to provide consolidated personnel, payroll, affirmative action, and administrative and business office functions, including information technology associated with these functions, for nine consolidated state agencies. Note that each agency in OGA retains its independent decision-making authority, including for budgetary and employment decisions.
The consolidated agencies are the:
  {Final Decisions}  Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE)
  {Final Decisions}  Judicial Review Council (JRC)
  {Final Decisions}  Judicial Selection Commission (JSC)
  {Final Decisions}  Office of the Child Advocate (OCA)
  {Final Decisions}  Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA)
  {Final Decisions}  State Contracting Standards Board (SCSB)

The act establishes a Governmental Accountability Commission (GAC) and makes it responsible for (1) recommending candidates for OGA executive administrator to the governor and (2) terminating the executive administrator's employment, if necessary.
Governmental Accountability Commission
The nine-member GAC consists of the following or their designees: (1) the chairpersons of the Citizen's Ethics Advisory Board, SEEC, FOIC, JSC, BFPE, SCSB; (2) the JRC executive director; (3) the Child Advocate; and (4) the Victim Advocate.
Governmental Accountability Executive Administrator
Under the act, by August 1, 2011, the GAC must give the governor a list of at least three candidates for the initial executive administrator appointee; by September 1, 2011, the governor must make the appointment.  The executive administrator serves a four-year term or until a successor is appointed and qualifies, and may be reappointed.  The appointment is subject to confirmation by either house of the General Assembly.  The GAC is responsible for terminating the executive administrator's employment, if necessary
  Independent Divisions
{Agency Units}  Board of Firearm Permit Examiners (BFPE)
{Agency Units}  Judicial Review Council (JRC)
{Agency Units}  Judicial Selection Commission (JSC)
{Agency Units}  Office of the Child Advocate (OCA)
{Agency Units}  Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA)
{Agency Units}  State Contracting Standards Board (SCSB)

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