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Nurturing Families Network - For Providers

While most programs have been designed to intervene after a crisis has occurred, the Nurturing Families Network (NFN) works toward preventing problems by identifying and supporting at-risk families.

NFN program staff working with prenatal clinics, OB/GYN practices and birthing hospitals across Connecticut screen first-time parents and refer them to the appropriate NFN program.

The Nurturing Families Network consists of the Nurturing Connections program, which provides telephone support and referral services for first-time mothers; the Intensive Home Visiting Program, which includes weekly home visitation and case management services; and/or Nurturing Parenting Program groups, community-based parenting education and support groups for families.

Research evaluating NFN shows the programs have helped parents reduce stress, use community resources more effectively, further their education and careers and develop healthier relationships with their children.

To learn more about the Nurturing Families Network programs, call (860) 713-5334 or e-mail us.

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