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Family Development Training

Preventing child abuse, neglect and child development problems demands a new approach. To strengthen families, a family service delivery system that focuses on empowerment rather than crisis intervention is necessary.

The Family Development Training program teaches students and human service providers a strength-based approach to working with families and communities.

In collaboration with the University of Connecticut Center for the Study of Culture, Health and Human Development, the Trust Fund provides this accessible, community-centered family development training that focuses on the skills needed to help families attain healthy self-reliance.

The program offers an 80-hour course for family service workers and a 35-hour program for family service supervisors, managers, policymakers and executive directors.

Participants in the 80-hour program are eligible to receive the FDC credential from the University of Connecticut School of Family Studies by completing the program, a skills-based portfolio and competency-based exam. Individuals who receive credentials are eligible for six undergraduate college credits and continuing education units.

The Family Development Leadership Course is a 35-hour training program that teaches practical ways to build organizational capacity in empowerment-based supervision, inter-agency collaboration, strength-based assessment, multicultural competence and professional development.

The Benefits

Family service workers who completed the training program reported increased self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness in helping families, as well as in setting higher education and career goals. They also expressed increased knowledge and use of empowerment-based family support skills in working with families and improved communication and relationship skills in their professional and professional lives.

Participants from family support organizations developed their networking capacities, allowing them to provide families with access to services at inter-agency and cross-system levels, and reported higher staff morale and lower turnover.

Families working with training program participants were able to identify their strengths, set goals and develop plans to reach those goals. They also increased their involvement in agencies, schools and community organizations.

To find out more about Family Development Training or to enroll in a class, contact Haley Scott at (860) 713-5010.

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