oec: Being a Parent Leader

Being a Parent Leader

{Woman at computer with documents} Like most parents, you are probably concerned about the effects of local schools, your community and/or the environment on your child but don't know where to begin to influence change.

Parent leadership training can give you the skills you need to flex your activism muscle and become an advocate on behalf of children.

The 10- or 20-week evening courses will strengthen your leadership and democracy skills through instruction on working with diversity, critical thinking, public speaking, forming coalitions, dealing with opposition, policy and municipal budgets and city, state and federal law.

Upon graduation, you'll have all the necessary tools to get involved in civic activity, as well as increased confidence and communication skills. And, best of all, you'll be a role model for your child.

To find out more about the parent leadership training courses, call the Child Development Infoline at (800) 505-7000.

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