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Nurturing Families Network

{Dad with baby} Will I be a good parent? How do I know what's right for my new baby? What do I do if my baby cries all the time? These are just a few of the questions you may have as a first-time parent - and you're not alone. These are natural questions that many parents ask.


The Nurturing Families Network (NFN) can help ease your mind throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born so that your first parenting experience is positive and enjoyable.


The Nurturing Families Network includes:


Nurturing Connections

This telephone support service connects you to someone who can answer your questions and refer you to parenting resources or services in your community.


Nurturing Parenting Groups

Join other new parents in a supportive environment to share experiences and work together to become the best parents you can be.


Intensive Home Visiting Program

A home visitor comes to your home to help you care for your baby and adjust to the many demands of becoming a parent.


Each of these free NFN programs will give you important parenting information, tips on how to care for your baby and yourself and information on immunizations, keeping your baby healthy and community resources.


Call the Child Development Infoline at (800) 505-7000 for more information on the Nurturing Families Network programs, or for connections to support in your community.


NFN Brochure (pdf)

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