oec: Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS)
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Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS)


The learning progressions within the Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) promote: {CT ELDS Logo}

  • Equity for all children, through the setting of high, but appropriate, expectations;
  • High-quality early learning experiences, by providing clear goals and trajectories of learning;
  • Provision of individual support, based on each child’s growth and development;
  • Families’ understanding of what their children are learning and how they can support them;
  • Teachers’ understanding of age-appropriate content and approaches to children’s learning; and,
  • Communication across sectors, based upon these common goals for children.

The ELDS were developed through the work of the Connecticut Early Childhood Education Cabinet and its Early Learning Standards Workgroup. In addition, over 100 state and national experts participated in some way during the development process, helping to ensure a strong and comprehensive set of Early Learning Standards for Connecticut.



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