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Even Start Program


Even Start is a program that gives families access to the training and support they need to create a literate home environment and to enhance the academic achievement of their children.


Primary Program Components


Five primary components are integrated to create a comprehensive program, with all families participating in all components. Local programs build on existing community resources to offer educational and support services to help parents and children learn and succeed together.


Local Even Start programs integrate the following primary components:

  • Early Childhood and/or School-Age Education: The early childhood component includes children from birth through age 7 and is based on developmentally appropriate activities and curriculum.
  • Adult Education: The adult education component encompasses much more than basic skills, English as a second language or preparation for the GED. It is designed so that adult students of all abilities will be equipped to think critically and creatively, set goals and solve problems, and acquire interpersonal skills that are needed for participation in society.
  • Parents and Children Learning Together (PACT): The parent and child interaction component provides time for parents and children to work and play together as a family unit. The reciprocal learning that takes place during this time offers parents and children a chance to become true partners in their education and to transfer the new learning into the home.
  • Parent Education and Support: The time parents spend together blends the goals of parent support groups and parent education to meet the needs of the families in the program. This component provides time and a safe place to educate and inform parents, to provide opportunities for mutual support, to offer advocacy services to families and to study particular topics related to being a parent.
  • Home Visits to Support Educational Programs: The home visit component supports families in transferring learning from the other program components to their daily lives. The home visitor acts as a coach or mentor to guide the family in developing its own literacy-based family activities.


Contact information:

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