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Standards, Instruction and Assessment

The Standards, Instruction and Assessment Unit focuses on the ways in which families, early learning settings and communities support young children as they grow and learn. Early Learning and Development Standards help to build common language around what children from birth to age five should know and be able to do. Instruction refers to the ways in which adults in a child’s life support their growth and development. Assessment helps families and teachers understand how children are doing and to plan how to support them.

  • Guidance related to Curriculum and Instruction
    • *New* Early Childhood Evidence Guide (PreK-2): The Early Childhood Evidence Guide provides guidance on how the CCT Rubric for Effective Teaching might look in practice in PreK through grade 2 classrooms. The Evidence Guide is a resource for teachers, service providers, mentors observers and administrators. They are NOT intended to represent comprehensive evidence, nor are they intended to be used as a checklist or rubric. They are grade-level, content–specific examples of observable student and teacher behavior that might be seen or heard during an observation.
  • Assessment guidance and development
    • Developmental screening
    • Formative Assessment for Birth to Age Five (assessment used to plan for children)
    • Kindergarten Entrance Assessment (in collaboration with Connecticut State Department of Education)
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