oec: Best Practice: Norwalk Flu & You Program

Best Practice: Norwalk Flu & You Program

{Little girl looks at germs underneath a light}

The Norwalk Health Departmentís Immunization Program visits day cares and elementary schools each fall and winter in the Norwalk area to teach young children how to stay healthy and avoid the flu. Eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise and sleep are some of the healthy habits that Megan DiMeglio discusses with the children. She reads a book written by Geri Rodda, R.N., entitled, "The Flu and You," that teaches children the importance of getting a flu shot and how to avoid spreading germs by covering their cough and washing their hands. The children engage in a hand washing sing-along and then they see how well they washed the germs away using a glow germ light. Each child goes home with a laminated bookmark imprinted with the hand washing sing-along and tips on how to prevent the flu. 


{Megan Dimeglio reads a book to the children at Carousel Preschool in Norwalk, CT}

For more information regarding this program, please contact:


Pam Bates, RN or Megan DiMeglio, Outreach worker at 203-854-7728. 







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