oec: Early Childhood Information System (ECIS)

Early Childhood Information System (ECIS)


Currently, Connecticut does not have a centralized mechanism for collecting and managing early childhood data, commonly known as an Early Childhood Information System (ECIS). To the contrary, early childhood data is dispersed across at least six agencies and more than 25 associated databases, making data sharing incredibly challenging. Without an ECIS the state cannot make informed and effective early childhood policy, costing the state unnecessarily and hindering its ability to turn the curve in the lives of young children and their families. 


The ECIS will help ensure that complete and accurate data is collected, linked to, and coordinated with the K-12 data system, in particular, so that quality assessments and longitudinal analyses of early care and education programs can be performed and student progress can be monitored. 



  • November 20, 2013: ECIS Kick-off Meeting Webinar (Skip to 11:00 to view the webinar. You may be prompted to download Citrix software to view. You may also get a security warning. It is safe to proceed to the webpage.)

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