oec: Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Application

Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Application

Connecticut has applied for a Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Federal grant for $37.3 million to improve the quality of early learning programs (both center and home-based) for young children in the state. The new Office of Early Childhood is the lead agency on this grant. The application proposes to increase access to high-quality early learning experiences for children from birth to age five who are from low-income families or otherwise in need of special assistance and support, including those who have disabilities or developmental delays, who are English language learners, or who are migrant, homeless, or in foster care, or who reside on Indian lands or rural areas. Currently, there are about 440 publicly funded programs at the highest level of quality serving about 22,000 young children in the target populations. At the end of the four-year grant period, the goal is to ensure that 31,500 children in existing target populations are enrolled in programs of the highest quality by ensuring they have access to 900 programs at the highest levels of quality. Ultimately, providing all children with access to high-quality programs is intended to close the opportunity gap at kindergarten entry in order to help our young children succeed in school and in life. The application proposes to accomplish this through three major strategies:
  • Provide supports and incentives for programs to improve their quality
  • Provide information and incentives for families to select higher quality programs
  • Implement a system to rate the quality of programs 

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