oec: Licensing Information for Parents and Families

Licensing Information for Parents and Families

To contact Licensing (Child Care Programs and Youth Camps), please call (860) 500-4450 or toll-free 1-800-282-6063.

The online lookup tool gives you information about all currently licensed:
  • {Screen Shot of eLicensing System} Family child care home providers 
  • Group child care homes
  • Child care centers
  • Family child care home staff-substitutes and assistants
  • Youth camps
Information you can find through the online lookup tool includes:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Information About the Program
  • Inspection history
  • Complaint/incident history
  • Quality enhancement history
A successful child care or camp experience starts with communication between families and child care providers:
  • Talk with the child care provider or camp about their licensing and complaint history
  • Spend time at the child care program or camp to decide if itís a good fit for your child and your family
To use the online lookup tool, go to www.elicense.ct.gov.

Need to Find Child Care or a Youth Camp in Connecticut? Chat Live with 2-1-1 Child Care!

Looking for child care? 2-1-1 Child Care has current lists of:
  • Licensed child care centers
  • Licensed family child care homes
  • Nanny agencies
  • Nursery schools
  • Play groups
  • Summer camp programs
By calling 2-1-1 Child Care, a Child Care Referral Specialist who will help you find the services that will best fit the needs of you and your family, all at no cost. To talk to a Child Care Referral Specialist:

Parent Guidelines for Choosing a Child Care Program

The Child Care Licensing Program of the Division of Licensing is responsible for the licensing of child care programs, and offers these tips on what to look for in a program for your child.

Care 4 Kids
Care 4 Kids helps moderate income families pay for child care costs. For information about the program, go to www.ctcare4kids.com or call 1-888-214-KIDS (5437).

Head Start

Head Start programs provide learning environments that support children's growth for low-income families. To apply for Head Start, contact a program near you. Use the Head Start Locator or call 1-866-763-6481 (toll-free) to find a program. 

Inspections of Licensed Facilities/Providers and Access to Parents 

Child Care Centers and Group Child Care Homes - The Office of Early Childhood is mandated by state law to inspect all licensed child care facilities every year. These visits are generally unannounced and documented on an inspection report form.

Child Care Centers and Group Child Care Homes are required to post the most recent inspection report. They must also make the report available to parents upon request.

Family Child Care Homes are required to make a copy of the last inspection report available to parents upon request.

Parents shall have immediate access to their child while the child is at the facility.

How To File A Complaint

The Division of Licensing has licensing specialists and supervisors, nurses, health program staff, administrative and support staff dedicated to making sure that all licensed child day care and youth camp programs meet all state laws and requirements.
Most concerns with child care programs or camps can be handled by:
  • Talking about the problem with the staff
  • Talking about the problem with the program director
If you have talked to the staff and program director and still have a concern about a child care program or camp, call the Complaints Line at (860) 500-4450 (1-800-282-6063 outside of the Hartford area.)  You may also file a complaint by email or fax using the Complaint Intake Form
{Sign with Exclamation Point} In case of abuse/neglect or life-threatening situations, call the Department of Children and Families at 1-800-842-2288 and the Division of Licensing at (860) 500-4450 (1-800-282-6063 outside of the Hartford area.)

Staffing at Family Child Care Homes 

The Provider may have substitutes and assistants in the family child care home only after the intended staff member has been approved in writing by the department. To check whether a person has been approved to work as staff in a family child care home, visit the Division of Licensing's website


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