oec: Check if a Program or Youth Camp is Licensed
Division of Licensing

Check if a Program or Youth Camp is Licensed

To contact Licensing (Child Care Programs and Youth Camps), please call (860) 500-4450 or toll-free 1-800-282-6063.
The online lookup tool gives you information about all currently licensed:
  • {Screen Shot of eLicensing System} Family child care home providers 
  • Group child care homes
  • Child care centers
  • Family child care home staff-substitutes and assistants
  • Youth camps
Information you can find through the online lookup tool includes:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Information About the Program
  • Inspection history
  • Complaint/incident history
  • Quality enhancement history
A successful child care or camp experience starts with communication between families and child care providers:
  • Talk with the child care provider or camp about their licensing and complaint history
  • Spend time at the child care program or camp to decide if itís a good fit for your child and your family
To use the online lookup tool, go to www.elicense.ct.gov.
Regulatory Action Reports
The Regulatory Action Report is a compilation of disciplinary actions taken against licensed child care providers by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. The report is posted on a quarterly basis. Click to view reports.

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