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Licensing - What's New

9/12/2016Background Check Processing Fee Reduced
8/15/2016CT Prepares Mobile App
6/1/2016Increased Mumps Activity
  Increased Mumps Activity The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Program would like to raise awareness about increased mumps activity. Nationally mumps has been reported at several colleges and universities, including outbreaks at schools in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and New York. Dispersal of college students home or to other locations for summer employment may increase opportunities for mumps transmission.
1/14/2016Annual Immunization Survey
  All licensed child care centers and group child care homes are asked to complete annual immunization survey. The annual immunization survey is administrated by the Immunization Program of the Department of Public Health in collaboration with the Child Care Licensing Program of the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.