oec: Collaborations and Initiatives
Collaborations and Initiatives

6/21/2018Connecticut's Home Visiting Rate Card was recently recognized as a National model by the Aspen Institute - a national, non-partisan leadership forum based in Washington, D.C.
  The Rate Card is a program for home visit providers that rewards them when positive outcomes are achieved with their clients. It encourages providers to take a family-centric approach that tailors services to the needs of individual parents and their children.
5/11/2018Child Care Development Fund Plan 2019-2021
  The Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act is the law that authorizes the federal child care subsidy program known as the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). It is the primary federal funding source for providing low-income families that are working or participating in education and training with help paying for child care and to improving the quality of care for all children. Connecticut's subsidy program is Care 4 Kids.
5/8/2018Early Care and Education Action Plan
5/27/2016Current Contracts

8/21/20172017 School Security Competitive Grant Program
  We are pleased to notify you of the release of the 2017 School Security Competitive Grant Program. This third round of the competitive grant program is a component of Public Act 17-68 and is jointly administered by the State Department of Education (SDE), Department of Construction Services (DCS) and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DESPP/DEMHS). Under the law, ten percent of the funds available under this program shall be awarded to eligible Non-Public Schools, including eligible licensed child care centers or preschools that have received threats.
3/3/20172016 Accountability Report
  The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is pleased to submit its second Annual Early Childhood Accountability Report to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to education and appropriations, per Section 8 of Public Act 14-39 Section 8.
1/13/2017OEC Legislative Update – January 11, 2017
10/3/2016Prevention Partnership for Children
  Meeting calendar for 2016/2017

9/21/2018Prevention Partnership for Children
  Child abuse and prevention committee
11/8/2016OEC is Relocating
3/16/2016Quality Improvement System
  The Office of Early Childhood is developing a Quality Improvement System to increase the availability of professional development opportunities and quality support for early childhood programs and providers.
3/11/2016Child Care and Development Fund Plan Submitted to ACF
  The OEC is pleased to announce that the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Plan for FFY2016-2018 has been submitted to the Administration of Children and Families (ACF) to meet the March 11, 2016 deadline.
2/11/2016Office of Early Childhood Releases Workforce Plan
  The Office of Early Childhood released a new report, “A Plan to Assist Early Education State Funded Providers to Degree Attainment and Increased Compensation,” as required by Section 4 of P.A. 14-134. The report addresses degree attainment, early childhood teacher credential, scholarship support, compensation, and retention.

12/14/2015Child Care Development Fund Reauthorization
  On November 19, 2014, President Obama signed the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 into law. This reauthorizes the child care program for the first time since 1996 and represents an historic re-envisioning of the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program. The new law makes significant advancements by defining health and safety requirements for child care providers, outlining family-friendly eligibility policies, and ensuring parents and the general public have transparent information about the child care choices available to them.
7/20/2015Home Visiting Consortium
  The Home Visitation Program Consortium is tasked with advising the Office of Early Childhood, Department of Children and Families, Department of Developmental Services and the Department of Education regarding the implementation of the recommendations for the coordination of home visitation programs within the early childhood system.
7/14/2015OEC Strategic Plan, Public Forums
  The first draft of the OEC’s strategic plan has been developed with specific outcomes, goals, and strategies. It incorporates public feedback from the summer forums as well as new legislation. The OEC welcomes public input on this draft plan and will share the draft and seek feedback through its website, webinars, public forums and the Early Childhood Cabinet. Public forums will be held in January 2016.
3/18/2015Week of the Young Child 2015
  April 12-18, 2015: Celebrating our Youngest Learners!

6/30/2015Kindergarten Entrance Age Plan
  The Office of Early Childhood shall develop, in consultation with the Department of Education, a plan for changing the date that a child must reach five years of age to be eligible to enroll in kindergarten from January first of any school year to October first of any school year.
10/20/2014Federal Preschool Development Grants Program: Expansion Application
  The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) has submitted an application for federal funding for up to $50 million over the next four years to expand high-quality preschool in Connecticut. The application was submitted to the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services in October.
8/22/2014Infant Mental Health Presentations
  Infant mental health professionals around the state present infant mental health projects.
1/14/2014National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA) Needs Assessment
  The State of Connecticut has partnered with National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA) to complete a three-stage Needs Assessment Process to identify strengths and weaknesses in their child care licensing program.
1/14/2014Best Practice: Norwalk Flu & You Program
  The Norwalk Health Department’s Immunization Program visits day cares and elementary schools each fall and winter in the Norwalk area to teach young children how to stay healthy and avoid the flu.
1/6/2014Birth to Three Program Feasibility Study: Final Report
  In the spring of 2013, Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy signed Executive Order Number 35 which directed a study to be implemented that would research the feasibility of transferring Connecticut’s Birth to Three Program from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to the newly formed Office of Early Childhood (OEC) by July 1, 2014.

12/11/2013Early Childhood Information System (ECIS)
  The ECIS will help ensure that complete and accurate data is collected, linked to, and coordinated with the K-12 data system, in particular, so that quality assessments and longitudinal analyses of early care and education programs can be performed and student progress can be monitored.
11/24/2013Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Application
  Connecticut applies for the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge, a federal grant opportunity to increase access to high-quality early learning experiences for young children with high needs.