oec: Collaborations and Initiatives
Collaborations and Initiatives

11/8/2016OEC is Relocating
10/4/2016Prevention Partnership for Children
  Child abuse and prevention committee
3/16/2016Quality Improvement System
  The Office of Early Childhood is developing a Quality Improvement System to increase the availability of professional development opportunities and quality support for early childhood programs and providers.
3/11/2016Child Care and Development Fund Plan Submitted to ACF
  The OEC is pleased to announce that the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Plan for FFY2016-2018 has been submitted to the Administration of Children and Families (ACF) to meet the March 11, 2016 deadline.
2/11/2016Office of Early Childhood Releases Workforce Plan
  The Office of Early Childhood released a new report, A Plan to Assist Early Education State Funded Providers to Degree Attainment and Increased Compensation, as required by Section 4 of P.A. 14-134. The report addresses degree attainment, early childhood teacher credential, scholarship support, compensation, and retention.